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Green Challenge

The sports and eco-friendly challenge for the oceans' protection

Run for Opti Digital Green Challenge

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Media partners:

Let's protect the oceans together!
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Together, let's go around the world!
Our objective? Reach 40,000 kilometres

What if we combined sports with solidarity action?

Sea Shepherd

Digital is the backbone of our company. Health, human relationships and the preservation of our planet are also at the heart of our values. They are the driver of our team’s daily efficiency and fulfilment. 

At Opti Digital, we are keen on exercising, running, and every activity that implies moving. Therefore, we thought that creating a sports challenge would be an excellent way to contribute in a responsible way through a fun and collaborative summer event : Opti Digital Green Challenge. 

After the isolation caused by the Covid-19 crisis, participants will be able to give meaning to their actions and recreate bonds: each kilometre run will be transformed into a donation to Sea Shepherd, the world’s most combative oceans NGO.

How to participate?


1. Register for free by submitting the form.


2. Soon, you will receive an email with more details and a link to download the sports app on your mobile.


3. Join your team and start the challenge on the 1st of June, cycling, walking and running!


4. Every step counts. Transform your kilometres cumulated from the 1st to the 30th of June into a donation for Sea Shepherd.

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