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How Opti Digital Dynamic Flooring Solution Delivers Double-Digit Ad Revenue Lift on Orange

May, 2024

About Orange

As one of the world’s largest telecom providers serving over 287 million customers, Orange manages massive digital traffic across their web and app properties. They were seeking new ways to optimize yield from this high-value inventory at scale.

Opti Yield Driving Double-Digit Growth with Orange

Turning to Opti Digital, Orange implemented our AI-powered dynamic price flooring solution Opti Yield. Seamlessly integrating with their existing tech stack, Opti Yield automated price floor adjustments in real-time based on inventory signals, market conditions and user value.

The results exceeded expectations: Opti Yield managed floors for Orange’s ad inventory value, driving a substantial increase in ad revenue, from 10% to 30% depending on the display ad units, optimizing flagship pages like the News portal and Webmail.

"With so many changing variables to take into account, manually setting the price floor of our inventory was inefficient. Opti Yield proved its value by capturing our first-party signals to predict optimal price floors in real time. This automated approach unlocked new profits."

The solution

In fact, advanced automation and dynamic pricing can be seen as a showcase of AI’s ability to maximize performance at scale, underlining Opti Digital’s expertise in helping large publishers like Orange navigate changing environments.

Through the data analyzed daily, Opti Yield’s model ensures price floors meet the real level of demand for Orange’s massive advertising assets. As a leader in ad tech, this new case study confirms Opti Digital capacity to fuel continued growth for premium publishers worldwide.

About Opti Digital

Opti Digital is a leading programmatic advertising solutions company that develops technologies such as Opti Yield.

Opti Yield is an innovative solution, based on AI, that optimizes publishers’ revenues by dynamically adjusting minimum prices in real time. With Orange as a success story, Opti Yield has achieved increases of up to 30% in advertising revenue, establishing itself as an essential tool for maximizing the performance of premium inventory.

If you would like to know more about how Opti Yield can drive your revenue through a dynamic pricing model, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We continue to innovate to build a more profitable future for publishers.

Up to +30%

Revenue Lift

Depending on Display Ad Units

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