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Opti Engage

Elevate Your Monetization with Attention-Based Advertising

Catching and holding your audience's attention is everything. That's where Opti Engage steps in, redefining the game with attention-based advertising.

Engaging ad format

Ranks within the Top 3 in Prebid

Measured from Jan 1st to March 31st 2023 on mobile and desktop sticky ad placements of 270 publishers, Opti Engage averaged 2nd position out of 10 Prebid demand partners.

Trusted by more than 1,700 media publishers across 50+ countries

Attention-based Advertising

Tap into the power of attention-based advertising with Opti Digital and engage your audience!

Beyond simply displaying ads, we forecast attention rates at the impression level using our in-house algorithm and bid accordingly. Our innovative ad format seamlessly combines programmatic expertise with user-centric design, creating an unrivalled online experience and providing publishers with high CPMs.

Original user experience

Opti Engage presents ads in a visually appealing format, great to capture and retain user-attention in an engaging way.

Boosted revenue

Multiple ad creatives are displayed through animation for every impression, translating into a competitive advantage that guarantees the best CPMs for your inventory

Exclusive demand

Opti Engage connects inventory to premium demand, strategically filters supply for profitability, tailors native demand for seamless ad placement, and enables direct deals, enhancing overall efficiency and revenue.

Effortless integration

Opti Engage effortlessly integrates in your advertising stack through a standard Prebid Bid Adapter or simple tag integration.

Protecting website layout

Opti Engage is compatible with a safe frame delivery, which means ads remain within ads placeholders and do not affect your site’s Core Web Vitals.

Exceptional viewability

Ads are displayed only when the format is visible in the user's viewport, guaranteeing the highest viewability rates and exceptional advertisers’ campaigns.

A Unique Approach to Demand Optimization

Opti Engage is the result of a unique approach of traffic shaping and demand consolidation and transformation that offers higher net bid values for every impression. Additionally, Opti Engage increases the fill rate and challenges your existing partners to optimize your yield.  

If attention predicted is high enough, Opti Engage may display several advertiser creatives in a single bid, translating into a competitive advantage that guarantees the best CPMs for your inventory.

♻️ Sustainability Matters

We use data-driven intelligence to filter bid requests, sending them to demand partners only when the likelihood of a response is highest. This efficient approach significantly contributes to a more environmentally friendly advertising ecosystem.

🏆 Access Top-Tier Demand

Opti Engage ads come from exclusive partnerships with brands, agencies, DSPs and SSPs. These precious partners bring the best global and local campaigns and ads to our publisher partners.


Opti Engage empowers publishers to add value to existing ad placements rather than cluttering their sites with new ones. Our adaptive format seamlessly supports the most common IAB ad sizes on both mobile and desktop web. 

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