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Publishers, level‑up your monetization without compromising your SEO


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Experience unparalleled ad revenue growth without sacrificing your website’s performance, Core Web Vitals score and SEO rankings. 

Our lightning-fast advertising tag minimizes ad load time. Precision-engineered for speed and seamlessly connected to top-tier demand sources, it guarantees swift page loading, enabling you to monetize seamlessly without compromising your website’s speed and organic search traffic.

Monetize Without Compromise

Opti Digital tag maximizes revenue while ensuring a seamless user experience and protecting your organic search traffic


Optimized auctions and ad serving reduce ad delivery time, enhancing overall website performance.

Innovative ad formats

Appeal your users with engaging formats such as sticky footer, interstitials and animated 'story' ads.

Core Web Vitals

Preserve your Core Web Vital score by integrating our optimized tag.

Page Performance First

Serve ads seamlessly without negatively impacting website speed. Opti Digital tag prioritizes Core Web Vitals for optimal user experience.

Live analytics

Your secret weapon to monetisation. Leverage real-time data to maximize your earnings and optimise your content.

Re-Engineered for performance and SEO

Opti Digital takes your monetization strategy to new heights, enhancing not only revenue but also page speed and SEO rankings.

Our state-of-the-art technology seamlessly blends revenue optimisation, with meticulous technical optimization to complement your SEO efforts on organic search traffic, Google Discover and Google News.



Opti Digital ad management solution takes a proactive approach with cookieless inventory monetization, leveraging alternative IDs like ID5, Criteo, and shared IDs. 

This innovative feature ensures efficiency by optimizing ad targeting without relying on traditional cookies. By embracing cookieless solutions and adopting alternative IDs, Opti Digital tag not only aligns with the latest industry standards but also ensures a smoother and more privacy-conscious user experience..

Core Web Vitals

In the quest for a seamless online experience, Core Web Vitals have emerged as key indicators of a website’s performance. Your SEO traffic heavily relies on your Core Web Vital scores. 

OptiDigital tag goes beyond traditional advertising solutions by providing lighting fast tags designed to enhance Core Web Vitals and elevate your overall score and rankings.

Our engineering team meticulously optimizes ad processing from end-to-end, from the initial ad call to the rendering on your page , ensuring minimal disruption to essential user experience metrics such as loading speed. By fine-tuning the technical aspects of ad rendering, Opti Digital tag actively contributes to an improved website performance in alignment with Core Web Vitals guidelines.


Premium Campaigns

Our commitment to highest advertising standards sets Opti Digital apart from its competition. Connected seamlessly to over 15 premium demand partners, our platform ensures the highest quality campaigns for your media.

Prevent your audience from being exposed to low-quality ads, thanks to floors and block lists, leverage alternative user IDs and exclusive deals to prepare for cookieless environments.

Engaging Ad Formats

Opti Digital understands the importance of not only maintaining but also enhancing user engagement. Our in-house ‘story’ ad formats are crafted to captivate audiences, driving higher levels of interaction.

These formats are tailored to align with Core Web Vitals principles, delivering engaging content without compromising on website performance.
Moreover, our exclusive in-house formats are strategically crafted to drive elevated engagement while our system guarantees cookieless inventory monetization for enhanced efficiency in the organic search traffic landscape.

Opti Digital tag ensures your strategy is not just lucrative but also finely tuned to meet your specific needs.


Suited for individual Ad Units and full Websites

Opti Digital provides flexibility for publishers to test its effectiveness on a new ad placement. This allows you to assess its impact without cannibalising your existing inventory, creating a net extra revenue stream.

Satisfied and ready to take your monetization strategy to the next level? Opti Digital serves as the perfect replacement for AdSense or your current ad stack. Make it your sole monetization solution or use it as an efficient complementary revenue source once your direct sales have been delivered.

Seamless Integration, Maximum Impact

Integrate Opti Digital ad management solution effortlessly with a single tag and unlock its full potential. Opti Digital goes beyond revenue maximisation, elevating monetization, preserving page performance —actively contributing to improved Core Web Vitals and SEO rankings.

Furthermore, personalized control features include Price Floors for tailored auction strategies, frequency capping for ad exposure management, and domain/category block-lists for a curated advertising environment.

Opti Digital tag ensures your strategy is not just lucrative but also finely tuned to meet your specific needs.


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