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Publishers, boost your ad revenue by simply plugging in Opti Yield, a solution that automatically optimises your yield. This code-free product enables you getting the most out of your current ad stack with technologies such as dynamic price floors and transparent monitoring.


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Best-In-Class Automatic Ad Yield Management to Improve Performance

Opti Yield is a lightweight, data-driven artificial intelligence solution that is offered to publishers to dynamically optimise their ad performance. It is a combination of code-free technologies that simply plug into the ad stack to coordinate and optimise dynamic price floors, traffic allocation, real-time conditions, seasonality and recovery strategies. This solution improves revenue, reduces unsold inventory, counters bid shading and saves precious time and resources.

Up to 40% Uplift

Earn the revenue that buyers are ready to pay for your audience, and optimise your yield.

Multiple Connections

Our dynamic solution can be easily connected to the publisher’s Google Ad Manager, and it is pushed to all SSPs through tags on the client side.

Time-Saving Solution

Agile and autonomous, this product allows you to focus on your core business.


Full automation allows you to save resources while maintaining high advertising quality.

Increased Content Quality

Dynamic Price Floor optimisation adjusts prices to improve ad quality. It provides a better UX and balances the number of high-quality ads and low-quality ads.

Opti Yield Technology

The Opti Yield solution is a real-time yield management system for the digital content industry. It combines multiple technologies to enable instant pricing decisions. It replaces manual processes with automated and real-time strategy optimisations made to maximise publishers’ revenues in any market environment. Opti Yield’s multidimensional pricing algorithm will provide publishers with the best possible price.

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Testimonials & References

Nicolas Valverde, Directeur Commercial de Slate.fr
Opti Digital appeared to us as the best solution for our development in programmatic activity due to their daily support in optimizing the performance of our premium inventories and their solution to boost competition with relevant SSPs.
Commercial Director of Slate.fr

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