Opti Digital Referral Program

You know a publisher who is looking for a trustworthy AdTech partner? Introduce him to us and earn up to €3,000 based on its traffic!

Here is how it works

  1. Form. Fill in the form with your information and the information of the publisher you want to refer.
  2. Review. To join Opti Digital, the referral must meet with our quality standards. We will keep you informed by email.
  3. Onboarding. The referral implements our Tags on his media, we start optimizing the advertising revenue.
  4. Bonus. Earn a bonus from the referral’s total monthly page views*.


1 to <5M page views


>5 to <10M page views


>10M page views and more

Refer a publisher

*For the offer to be eligible, the referrer needs to be a client of Opti Digital or a usual partner. Opti Digital’s Tags must be implemented in production for at least 3 months, on most of the referral’s traffic. The referral’s audience must be located in one of Opti Digital’s eligible geographies and pass the inventory quality check. The referral must integrate at least 3 ads by page in the layout recommended by Opti Digital. Both the referrer and the referral must be registered companies.