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Petit Futé implements effective and adapted advertising optimization solutions thanks to Opti Digital

January 2022

Since its creation in 1976, Petit Futé has established itself as one of the references in the field of tourism (82% of notoriety). Millions of travelers have discovered France and the world with their guides.

Petit Futé has also taken the digital turn with more than 60 million visitors per year on its websites. To do this, Petit Futé is constantly developing its offer on new media while responding to new trends, new desires of Internet users, but also and especially to new modes of information and consumption in the fields of travel and leisure.


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Interview with Louis Géneau de Lamarliere, Digital Director of Petit Futé

Why Opti Digital?

During our first meetings with the Opti Digital teams, we were seduced by their editor-oriented approach. The latter combines a willingness to offer solutions at the cutting edge of technology, easy to implement while offering great transparency to the editor.

What was your challenge before working with Opti Digital?

Our biggest challenge was to get a better understanding of our advertising inventory so that we could implement appropriate and effective optimization solutions.

What solutions does Opti Digital provide to solve it?

It started with the Opti Digital team’s ability to listen to our problems and issues. Then their reports and advice allowed us to define new KPIs in order to measure the impact of the changes made in our advertising management. Finally, their technological solutions (lazy loading, intelligent refresh, price floors, connection of new SSPs…) allowed us to better value our inventory while controlling the advertising pressure on Internet users.

What are your goals for 2022?

First, to return to growth after the difficult years marked by COVID.

Then, we are in a qualitative and not quantitative approach when it comes to advertising. The idea is not to multiply the formats, but to concentrate on those that bring the most value to Internet users and advertisers while guaranteeing a good level of performance on the website.

Finally, following the launch of our Spanish and English sites and more recently our German and Chinese sites, our ambition is to better monetize these rapidly growing audiences.

What would you recommend to publishers to establish a good monetisation strategy?

Don’t hesitate to ask for help in order to concentrate on your content and on what makes your site successful. Monetization comes with the audience and not the opposite.

Photo of the Petit Futé team

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