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Wamiz increases its eCPM thanks to Header Bidding and Dynamic Layout modules

May 2022

Founded in 2009, Wamiz is Europe’s leading media group dedicated to pets. An information and advice website present in more than 10 countries, it supports pet owners and future pet owners with informative, comprehensive and expert content. 




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Interview with Sébastien Courtin, COO of Wamiz

Why Opti Digital?

We were looking for a partner that would allow us to increase our programmatic revenues with a turn-key Header Bidding solution. Opti Digital understood our advertising challenges and was able to make suggestions, while providing real added value in terms of monetising our inventory.

What was your challenge before working with Opti Digital?

  • The difficulty of setting up Header Bidding
  • The multitude of SSPs to implement, test and program
  • Increasing eCPM stimulated only by Google Ad Manager

What solutions does Opti Digital provide to solve it?

The Header Bidding integration on all of our Display inventory has boosted our eCPM. The dynamic insertion of advertising has also resulted in significant incremental revenue. Finally, the monetisation of our AMP inventory has been improved, as well as our viewability rate.

What are your goals for 2022?

Being present in more than 10 countries, we want to strengthen our leadership position in these markets and achieve this position in those where we are not yet there. We are also working on the user experience, with a navigation that is more focused on the user’s behaviour and needs.

What would you recommend to publishers to establish a good monetisation strategy?

It is important to understand the use of your website to understand where the most performing locations are, the issue is not quantity, but quality of ad placement. It is also important to choose your SSPs carefully, avoiding stacking them. Finally, it is essential to pay attention to the programmatic market calendar in order to capitalise on its highlights.

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