Opti Digital’s Lazy Loading solution, a must-have for your ad monetization

Le Lazy Loading d'Opti Digital

Lazy Loading has become a must-have for optimising publishers’ advertising revenues. At Opti Digital, this technology not only allows us to achieve viewability rates of over 70% on all our cross-device inventories, but also to considerably improve the overall performance of the media, especially their loading speed. Let’s take a closer look at this innovative […]

How to minimise the impact of advertising on the Core Web Vitals CLS score?

Last year, Google announced a new Web performance indicator: Core Web Vitals measure the load time (LCP), interactivity (FID) and visual stability of a site (CLS). This initiative aims to increase publishers’ awareness of the user experience and thus optimise the ranking of their sites in the SERPs. These new metrics, which will come into […]

The best advertising formats in 2021

One element that deserves special attention when defining your ad inventory in the Ad Server is the choice of ad formats. Choosing the right ad sizes and page placements is essential to boosting visibility rates and page RPMs while preserving user experience.  What trends are emerging for 2021? How can we choose the right advertising […]

Opti Digital’s invisible work: 5 essential optimisations we do for you

At Opti Digital, there are the optimisations that you know about, whether they are A / B tests or best practices deployed on your entire inventory: automatic refreshing of ads and dynamic insertion of ads into the heart of articles… And then there are the actions that we perform on a daily basis, which you […]

Why should ad placements be important in your monetisation strategy?

Réflexion sur la stratégie de monétisation

At Opti Digital, maximising your advertising profit does not mean flooding your pages with advertisements and reducing your website to the state of a…Christmas tree. In order to help you optimise your monetisation, we have developed automatic ad insertion technology. Thanks to our intelligent algorithm, we can harness the full advertising potential of your media […]

How to successfully use header bidding on AMP from TCF 2.0? FUTURA media analysis

After several months of work, the engineers of Opti Digital have developed a solution that combines our Prebid server and Real-Time Configuration (RTC, AMP’s native Header bidding solution). This innovation makes it possible to find on the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) environment the same competition between bidders as on Web inventories and effectively stimulates the CPM […]

Covid-19 and media advertising: How to limit the damage?

covid19 publicité média

Barometer: the effects of Covid-19 on the eCPM Many of you want to know if the drop in eCPMs they see on their site is common across the market, and how they compare to other media. Mind Media and Adomik recently published a barometer: they observed a decrease in programmatic turnover of -47% in one month. Here […]

Slate.fr chooses Opti Digital to support its advertising revenue optimisation.

 “Opti Digital appeared to us to be the best solution for our development of the programme activity due to their daily support in optimising the performance of our premium inventories and their competition with relevant SSPs.”  Nicolas Valverde, Commercial Director of Slate.fr Opti Digital: Tailor-made support for digital media Launched in 2009, Slate.fr is today […]

Are auto-refresh ads profitable?

Ads auto update

Failure to succeed in increasing the size of the advertising inventory thanks to a natural growth in audience, leads to great temptation for publishers to multiply their impressions by using auto-refresh ads. This strategy can pay off if its effects are properly measured and adjusted. But if poorly managed, it can also penalise the publisher. […]