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Opti Digital’s invisible work: 5 essential optimisations we do for you

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At Opti Digital, there are the optimisations that you know about, whether they are A / B tests or best practices deployed on your entire inventory: automatic refreshing of ads and dynamic insertion of ads into the heart of articles… And then there are the actions that we perform on a daily basis, which you probably don’t know existed but offer great results. 

Here are 5 optimisations that we put in place for you and that we monitor and adapt, continually based on the results they offer, to ensure that your monetisation is always optimal.

We make sure you stay on the cutting edge of technology!

We update our Header Bidding, Prebid solution for you as soon as a new version is available. The last one was carried out on 30/11/2020: Prebid 4.17.0. 

Always with a view to improving your turnover, we regularly check in with Google to learn about new features in the Ad Server, making full use of all of its features and resolving any problems. For example: replacing previously configured floor prices with appropriate protections to block the display of ads on certain pages or selecting technology partners requiring consent, etc.

We follow the participation of our selling partners in your inventory

We make sure that all our demand partners participate as much as possible in the auctions on all of your advertising spaces and that you benefit from all the formats and media types they have to offer.

We regularly update the Ads.txt files of our partners to capture the addition of new lines. 

Whenever new formats are released, we test them to analyse their added value.

Then, we correct any advertisement display problems with Just Premium when the design of the site is degraded or even Triplelift when the advertisement is displayed above the content of the media.

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We help you comply with the GDPR

Regarding the legal framework, we synchronise the advertising tags with your CMP (Consent Management Platform). We wait for the user’s response within the CMP then make the consent strings available to the selling partners. And we interact regularly with your CMP providers to optimise your consent rate. 

 Since November, we have fully synchronised the Google Ad Manager tags with the CMP so as not to call the Google Ad Server when the Internet user opposes targeted advertising.

For the past two months, we have been performing research and development in order to fine-tune advertising solutions that work without cookies, in order to compensate for the shortfall linked to the refusal of targeted advertising.

We measure the added value of all selling partners

We take the time to regularly check in with demand partners to understand their full potential and correct any problems. We identify the best sizes to configure in the Bid Requests to benefit from all the advertiser demand. And, we get a preview of the original SSPs request in Beta.

Every month, we test new partners to measure their incremental value. Does this bidder improve the fill rate? Do they participate a lot in auctions? Is your RPM Page increasing? We analyse the results using our A / B testing tool and make an informed decision.

We constantly adjust your floor prices based on several criteria

We adapt your floor prices according to seasonality, changes in demand or the geographic area in which your traffic is located so that you have the highest possible page RPM.

In order to find the right slider and maximise revenue per thousand page views, we manually test floor prices in multiple samples and measure the results. We carry out further floor price tests directly with SSPs to maximise their spending on our sites.

Every day, we work to offer you the most innovative solutions to achieve the best possible results and make a point of ensuring your monetisation is optimal while respecting your objectives. This is our priority

Questions about your monetisation? We are here to help. You can write to us right here, contact us by email: or call us: +33 06 29 94 49 77.

In this article