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Reaching your advertising potential

Opti Digital helps publishers improve their online advertising revenue by offering custom consulting to maximise their income, monetising unsold inventory at best. We make available our expertise in programmatic advertising to digital media publishers in order to optimise advertising monetisation of content, classified, service, forums and e-commerce websites.

Augmentation revenus pub en ligne

Support from strategy to operations

Analyse et recommandation

Analysis and recommendations

We analyse your current monetisation setup and build the best strategy to optimise your advertising income.


We set up YOUR ad server with solid technical background enabling granular targeting and analysis of all monetisation sources.

Advertising reporting

We have developed an ad reporting tool that centralises all your revenue sources data, enabling performance rates analysis and re-adjustment: viewability, competition, unsold, consent, eCPM impression, page RPM, etc.

Agile A/B testing

We systematically seek the best ad setup thanks to our A/B Test solution (sizes, SSPs, timeouts…)

CMP fine tuning

We help you set up the Consent Management Platform (CMP) you selected to optimise valid GDPR consent collect.


We organise an agnostic competition environment, connecting you to premium vendors in header bidding on all formats: display, wallpaper, outstream and instream video.


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Web performance improvement

Improve user experience and organic traffic from search engine. 

By using Opti Digital advertising technologies, you make sure to offer faster ads load

eCPMs and turnover boost

Your average eCPM will get better when collaborating with us. Improvement rate depends on several factors such as your current situation, vertical, content quality and audience source. To date, digital media have observed from 30% to 150% increase in global net turnover.

Data-driven monetisation

Opti Digital gathers all your advertising data into a one-stop-shop dashboard. This custom tool provides reliable data for both direct campaigns and programmatic advertising analysis.

Opti Digital and publisher teams get in-depth insights on impressions, revenue and eCPMs on a daily basis by country, device, advertiser, ad unit, ad slot, ad format, article, referral… Eventually, you may make decisions and adjust your editorial strategy or traffic acquisition operations!

Sales house coach

Opti Digital engineers have developed a rate card tool to help sales managers select the right inventory segment matching advertiser brief (category, viewability, CTR) and suggesting dynamic prices based on real-time open auctions average profitability, by page and ad placement.

Transparency and trust

Opti Digital works hand in hand with the publisher. You control your advertising inventory and gross revenue in your ad server and may run campaigns as you wish.

Win-win revenue share

Opti Digital gets a transparent rate on your programmatic advertising income. 

No minimum duration. Zero exclusivity clause. No license fee to access your reporting. No minimum invoicing. We make our best efforts to generate sustainable income on the long run.

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