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AUGUST 4-6, 2024

Let's Meet in


Join us at the AdMonsters Publisher Forum in Boston, August 4-6, to rev up your revenue strategy. This forum offers publishers the opportunity to network on a deeper level and develop meaningful connections with leading ad revenue experts, including Opti Digital.

At the AdMonsters Publisher Forum, we will delve into the latest trends to maximize revenue and share actionable insights to help grow your business. Opti Digital will be represented by Magali Quentel-Reme (CEO & Co-founder), Sébastien Moutte (CSO & Co-founder), who will contribute and share their expertise.

Meet our team

Publishers, your invitation awaits – reserve a meeting with our team to grow your business. Learn firsthand how our platform, tailored exclusively to cater to the unique needs of publishers, can provide custom-fit solutions:

Opti Engage: An innovative ad format, based on social media “stories” design. Easy to plug in the ad stack thanks to a Prebid adapter, it displays ads in IAB ad format, increasing viewability and eCPM. 

  • Engaging Ad format
  • Great UX
  • + 7% RPM

Opti Yield: An automated solution based on multiple data to optimize your yield. This tool provides dynamic price floors that empowers you to extract maximum value from your ad stack. 

  • 20% Uplift
  • Counter Bid Shading
  • Increases ad quality and UX

Do you want to be a part of this journey? At Opti Digital, we are constantly seeking creative solutions that best meet the needs of publishers. Our pursuit of excellence and commitment to core values such as transparency set us apart. Interested? Schedule an appointment on our calendar and come meet with us.

Sébastien Moutte

CSO & Co-Founder

Magali Quentel-Reme

CEO & Co-Founder

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