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Scaling Towards +60% Growth After a Successful 2023

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With almost two decades of expertise in the ad tech industry, our co-founders, Magali Quentel-Reme and Sébastien Moutte, deeply grasp the essence of Opti Digital’s purpose, which has remained the same since the creation of the company in 2018. For almost 6 years, we’ve been on a mission to simplify ad management for media publishers so they can focus on what they do best: creating premium content for their audience. We are dedicated to helping them significantly improve their ad revenue by providing cutting-edge, AI-based technologies and innovations. Our efforts yield results, even amidst economic challenges. Indeed, in 2023, we achieved remarkable success with a +33% increase in gross margin. Looking ahead to 2024, our aim is to achieve a +60% growth. Considered as a leading force in Western Europe, we extended our presence across the Atlantic, having a kicking start in North America last year. 

Let’s have a look back to the successful 2023 before unveiling our plan for growth in 2024. 

Our holistic approach to provide publishers with efficient supply technologies

We are a pubtech provider dedicated to boosting advertising revenue in the most compliant manner, aligning with media publishers’ SEO performance and Core Web Vitals. We deeply value publishers’ programmatic teams; our role is not to replace them, but to collaborate closely. Our aim is to offer advanced technologies that complement publishers’ existing stacks, serving as an accelerator for growth!

To meet publishers’ needs and market requirements, we are constantly investing in technologies development, frequently eligible for tax exemptions.
Opti Digital initially focused on providing a one-stop-shop monetization solution and consultancy to supply players. From this close work with media publishers, we also developed two key independent products to boost programmatic advertising yield automatically: a dynamic price flooring solution and an original ad format. These products use Artificial Intelligence to predict and shape demand, increasing bid density and ad revenues. 

Working exclusively on the publishers’ side, we are able to accompany publishers of all sizes since we reached a significant milestone, last year, becoming an official partner of Google in the context of the MCM (Multiple Customer Manager) program. From medium independent publishers to large media groups, we are addressing various verticals such as news, sports, lifestyle, tech, automotive, gaming, travel, classifieds, and much more. Being a Google MCM partner gives us exclusive early access to the most recent Google tools, Beta tests, resources, insights and responsive support for our clients. 

Our technologies are designed to be completely agnostic, ensuring compatibility across all premium websites. Our robust cloud header bidding wrapper, built upon the extensive knowledge of Prebid, streamlines the bidding process for publishers, optimizing revenues effectively.
Furthermore, we invest in innovations in our own infrastructure, which guarantees control over our technology stack, scalability, and ability to tailor solutions to our clients’ specific needs.

To keep our products running efficiently and maintain responsiveness to publishers, we have put together a team of 26 experts from 8 different nationalities, split across 4 countries (France, Spain, England, and Poland).

A look back to our successful results in 2023

We ended 2023 on a strong increase of 33% of revenue gross year-on-year, exceeding our growth forecast by 20%.

Covering markets from Western Europe to North America, our approach is global. Being a Google official MCM partner allows us to work with publishers of all sizes, boasting strong references in these markets. In 2023, we proudly served 220 new clients, including 27 from Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America, such as El Tiempo, Snack Media, Adapex, and Webedia.

Our innovations effectively manage multiple global websites’ ad stack. In 2023, our results in optimized inventory exceeded expectations:

  • 80 Bn optimized ad requests.
  • $38M (€35M) ad revenue optimized.

Our All-in-one full managed service recently took a leap forward with a complete reengineering of our ad tags, making it blazing fast and lightweight. The solution is able to deliver ads on 3G/4G mobile connections twice faster than any other provider.

More information about the reengineered light monetization solution here.  

Additionally, we have enhanced our publishers’ Analytics dashboards to now display real-time audience data and revenue by URL and source. Our Opti Yield solution has also seen new features, such as predictive and reactive AI models for dynamic price flooring and user attention measurement

When it comes to our products, nothing is set in stone. Indeed, the market is constantly evolving, so we need to remain agile. That’s why we regularly benchmark the market and upgrade our products to ensure they meet 100% of the industry’s requirements, such as adapting to the end of third-party cookies or SEO changes.

Sébastien Moutte — President & Co-founder 

Strategic goals and innovations for 2024

In our sights for 2024 is a growth target of +60% Year-over-Year. This growth trajectory is expected due to the publishers’ anticipated adoption of our proven products, designed to significantly enhance optimized revenue streams for premium publishers and media groups in France, Spain, the UK, and the USA.

Two key solutions will be the development of an innovative SaaS publisher platform and the introduction of a powerful script-based Ad format

Amidst the challenging context, we are getting prepared for the full deprecation of third-party cookies in Google Chrome, scheduled for this year, by adopting first-party methods to keep on monetizing the audience. We have already tested and validated efficient targeting alternatives, such as Universal IDs made of probabilistic and deterministic IDs.

Read: Increasing ad revenue in a cookieless 2024: challenge accepted.

Last year, we strategically invested in expanding our team workforce to drive innovation projects and strengthen client support, focusing on roles in Data Science, Engineering, Customer Success, and Ad Operations. Our goal by the end of this year is to hire 9 additional team members, bringing our total headcount to 35. Among these hires, we are aiming to expand our board of directors with the addition of a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO).

These initiatives are part of our ongoing commitment to deliver advanced tools and technology, ensuring media publishers can effectively navigate the evolving AdTech landscape.

Magali Quentel-Reme — CEO & Co-founder

For more information, feel free to directly reach out to us

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