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Opti Digital’s Remarkable Journey in 2023 and Objectives for 2024

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Step into the world of media publishing, where 2023 brought with it a whirlwind of challenges. From economic downturns to supply and resource shortages, publishers faced market complexities. However, we at Opti Digital have continued to work with determination to overcome these obstacles, and pave the way for a brighter future for media publishers. Join us as we dive into the remarkable achievements of 2023 and unveil the strategic roadmap that will shape media publishers’ success in 2024.

Pioneering Innovations in 2023

New product launch: Opti Engage

The main success throughout our 2023 is the introduction of an innovative attention-based technology: Opti Engage. By seamlessly converting diverse demand sources and formats in real time, it delivers dynamic ads inspired by the popular “stories” format found in social media. This professional and captivating ad experience enhances user engagement, allowing for a more immersive and meaningful connection between brands and their audience. Opti Engage represents a new step in the media publishing ecosystem, providing a sophisticated platform for brands to captivate their target market and increase their ROI

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Beyond the mid-size publisher Opti Digital used to provide service to until 2022, this new product has been widely adopted by international publishing networks such as Adapex, SS+, Valnet, etc. and large publishing groups such as Webedia, El Tiempo, Topito, etc. who have observed a RPM increase of +7% on average.

AI-Powered Dynamic Flooring technology for Large publishers

The disruptive emergence of artificial intelligence has revolutionized various aspects of our lives, as well as its potential application in advertising monetization. For example, at Opti Digital we have made significant advances in this area by introducing Dynamic Flooring as a solution to the challenges faced by publishers with large audiences. To discuss the potential of this technology and its impact on advertising pricing models, we had the pleasure to address these issues in a webinar with our CEO, Magali Quentel-Reme, our Product Owner, Olivier Millet, and industry expert, Dana Glass. 

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Global publishing groups such as Prisma Media Group, Ringier, Brainly or Orange have selected this UPR (Unified Pricing Rule) tool to automate the floors, save time and make sure no revenue opportunities are left on the table, garnering on average a +13% revenue lift.

Sustainable approach for advertising campaign

Another aspect of great relevance for Opti Digital over the past year lays the groundwork for a continued focus on greening programmatic advertising. At Opti Digital we strongly believe in the indispensability of adopting streamlining practices in the ad tech sector that are more focused on respecting the environment and reducing the carbon footprint. 

A notable element that intricately optimizes the ad auction process is traffic shaping, which deploys a strategic algorithm that selectively directs bid requests to bidding platforms (SSPs). This supply-path optimization (SPO) approach filters ad inventory, resulting in higher bid and win rate. For instance, ad requests coming from a specific geo or connection type would be discarded prior to the auction. In addition, Opti Digital’s innovative technology leverages data collection and artificial intelligence to selectively choose demand partners, driving efficient sales processes. By meticulously analyzing responses to SSP bids under various conditions, our traffic shaping integration has reduced by -20% the volume of useless ad calls and actively participated in the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy of +1700 media publications.

As we look back to 2023, Opti Digital has gone beyond its service provider role to bring value by also distributing its cutting-edge technological products to large publishers across the globe.

Visionary Objectives for 2024

Team Expansion for Global Impact

As we eagerly anticipate the promising year ahead, Opti Digital is poised to expand its team of seasoned professionals in data analysis, adOps, machine learning, marketing, and other ad industry related fields. Our primary objective is to drive diversification and foster innovation on a global scale within the dynamic realm of media publishing. We are actively seeking skilled and motivated individuals who are passionate about shaping the future of our company’s global footprint. At Opti Digital, we cultivate a work culture rooted in collaboration, support, and respect, recognizing that achieving our goals is a collective effort. If you resonate with our values and vision, we invite you to explore our job openings and embark on an exciting journey with our team.

SEO-friendly ad monetization solution 

At Opti Digital, we know that publishers’ demands evolve according to the legal framework and the search engine algorithms. Therefore, we want to propose to publishers our latest monetization solution. This technology is the new essential ad monetization product to protect audience volumes and reach revenue maximization: It combines super light tags (20Kb-weigh only) and world-class server-side advertising mediation to mitigate the impact on Page Speed and Core Web Vital scores, and exclusive proprietary formats designed for optimal user attention.

Most importantly for 2024 and beyond, this new Supply Ad Tech ensures cookie-free inventory monetization, aligning with Google Chrome cookie deprecation and emphasizing efficiency in an ever-evolving digital landscape.


As we move forward from a year of success, Opti Digital is eager to embark on a new objectives in 2024. With our unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and global expansion, we are determined to continue redefining industry benchmarks and bringing the highest value to the media publishing world.

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