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Real-time conditions tuner

Contextual Ad Pricing For Publishers

In combination with Dynamic Price Floors Optimization, here comes an intelligent tuning technology to help publishers reach the right ad value at the right time and the right place.

What is Real-time Conditions Tuner?

With this intelligent tuning technology, publishers can adjust price floors for their ads based on the day of the week, hours, country, or any other contextual factors.

Dynamic price floors regulate the prices of items based on factors like time, location, and other criteria in order to offer the right price at the right time. This technology can also be applied to smart advertising by charging different prices for ads depending on what is happening in a given day or week. Publishers take advantage of these features as it helps them reach their ad revenue goals while modeling themselves as a thought leader among competitors.

Technology available in the Opti Yield solution

Key Benefits of this technology

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