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Dynamic Price Floor Optimisation

Real-Time Flexible Pricing to Get the Best Ad Value

Dynamic Price Floor Optimisation is a data-driven pricing technique to give publishers convenience in terms of time and get the most revenue out of ads.

What is Dynamic Price Floor Optimisation?

Publishers are always looking for new ways to generate revenue in the digital world. But predicting demand for an ad inventory and managing prices accordingly is quite difficult because it may increase unfilled inventory. It can be counter effective because it may increase the unsold rate. That’s where dynamic floor price optimisation comes in. Dynamic price floor optimisation is a data-driven pricing optimisation technique that allows publishers to enjoy on-time convenience and get the maximum revenue from ads. Publishers use this intelligent tool based on AI to set a minimum floor price for their inventory. 

Technology available in the Opti Yield solution

Powered by artificial intelligence, the algorithm finds the most profitable floor for each ad impression, saving advertisers and publishers valuable time and resources. Dynamic price floor optimisation also predicts seasonality, which better forecasts future revenue and eCPM variation for publishers.

Dynamic Price Floor can improve advertising revenue by 40% or more.

How Does Dynamic Price Floor Optimisation Work?

Dynamic Price Floor are a bid-based optimisation tool that applies to all ad formats (IAB display, native and outstream video). It can be applied to both first bids and second bids across different partners connected through Prebid, Amazon and Google Ad Exchange.  

Key Benefits of Dynamic Price Floor Optimisation

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