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Publishers’ last minute checklist for the Holiday season

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As we gear up for the bustling Black Friday season 2023, predicting advertising budgets for the end of year can be challenging. With the holiday season in full swing and businesses ramping up their advertising efforts, it’s essential to have a strategic guide in place to capitalize on this lucrative period. In this article, we want to introduce various strategies and tactics that publishers can implement to maximize their ad revenues before the end of the year.

New Formats: Improving Attention

When advertising stimuli are increasing, staying ahead means embracing innovative ad formats. Opti Engage leads the way with a new ad format based on social media “story”. By integrating Opti Engage into their strategy, advertisers ensure their ads are not just seen but truly experienced, setting their campaign apart from the competition. As Opti Engage story ads bring a higher level of attention to brands, they invest massively in it. 

From the publisher’s perspective, these dynamic and engaging ads guarantee higher eCPMs of existing ad units, a better user experience and viewability rate

Impactful Ad formats: Seamless Engagement

While the level of demand is high, seize the opportunity to display impactful ad formats such as interstitial ads. Triggered by a click on the media, and easy to close in order to respect the Coalition for Better Ads, interstitials impact the end user and generate a high incremental revenue. Set to be displayed only once per user per session by default, they are not intrusive. Should you want to protect your UX, you may also set a high floor price specifically on this unit to make sure it is worth displaying them.

Anchored Ad Units: Elevating Viewability

The sticky ads are fixed ad units that remain visible as users scroll through content, positioned in areas of higher visibility, such as the top or bottom of the screen, ensuring continuous exposure to the ad. 

Opti Digital team developed a new behaviour to increase the ad viewability. Unlike standard sticky ads, the ad remains visible for a set number of seconds and then disappears when the user scrolls down, significantly increasing its viewability. With the increase in the latter, an increase in eCPM is immediately correlated.

Legend: Anchored behaviour set on an ad unit on Sept. 20 and its effect on revenue and eCPM

Dynamic Ad Insertion: don’t miss any ad opportunity

Opti Digital’s dynamic ad insertion feature is intelligent: It seamlessly integrates ads within editorial content. This innovative approach, included within the Opti All-in-one solution, ensures harmonious distribution across your media pages based on criteria such as ad spacing, content length and page templates. By smartly optimizing ad placement, you not only improve the overall advertising pressure, but also make sure you do not miss any opportunity to display an ad unit, and increase the viewability rate. High results expected!

Server-Side Auctions: Streamlining Bidding Efficiency

Efficiency is paramount, especially during high-demand periods. Server-side auctions enable publishers to conduct simultaneous auctions across multiple demand sources, fostering greater competition and driving up ad prices. Publishers can unlock the full revenue potential of their ad inventory, as advertisers compete in real-time to secure prime ad placements, resulting in increased yield and enhanced revenue streams. The Opti All in One solution includes a sophisticated server-to-server header bidding wrapper, which features traffic shaping. Auctions being run server-side only, it eliminates unnecessary delays and ensures greater sustainability of the entire programmatic ad chain. You make more revenue and become greener.

Ads.txt Update: Maintaining Trust and Transparency

Trust is the foundation of successful advertising partnerships. Regularly updating your ads.txt file is a crucial step in maintaining trust and transparency. By authorizing trusted partners and ensuring your inventory is only sold through authorized sellers, you protect your media from low value resellers.Make sure that all your authorized vendors of trust have no errors in their ads.txt lines to unlock all their demand. If you are partnering with a reseller, check their sellers.json is updated with your right data.

Find out in this article how to implement the ads.txt file and increase the transparency and protection of your advertising inventory. 

In-View Ad Refresh: Sustaining Engagement

In-view ad refresh, which automatically refreshes ads only when they are viewed, offers publishers an opportunity to boost their ad yield and drive incremental revenue. Nevertheless, it must be properly implemented to avoid negatively affecting viewability, CPM, or UX. Based on the viewability approach, we trigger a refresh only if the ad placement is displayed on the screen view-port. Our team will use A/B testing to determine the best refresh speed for each ad unit to guarantee the best performance in the long run. If you have direct campaigns running paid per click or per conversion, our solution enables us to protect these thanks to a specific ad refresh parameter per advertiser.

Dynamic Floors: Flexibility in Pricing Strategy

A dynamic flooring technology is capable of automatically adapting and adjusting price floors in real-time in response to changes in advertising bidding patterns and market dynamics. This guarantees that you pull the maximum revenue for your real estate and profits are maximized at every ad opportunity.

To cater to market needs, Opti Digital has developed its own dynamic flooring technology, named Opti Yield. It is included as a key feature for all the media publishers using the Opti All-in-One solution. Usually in the last quarter, price floors calculated by machine learning will challenge buyers to pay a higher price for your inventory.

What makes it unique? Our approach transparently delivers the floor in the bid request to all demand partners (sell-side platforms and bidders) connected via Prebid and Amazon Publisher services, compared to many other market systems that only set floors for GAM and Open Bidding.


In conclusion, the holiday season present a prime opportunity for publishers to maximize their ad revenues through a strategic and proactive approach. It becomes crucial for them to embrace a strategic roadmap that encompasses innovative and cutting-edge ad solutions, advanced optimization techniques, and a forward-looking approach to industry trends. By doing so, publishers can unlock the full potential of a holiday season lucrative period, delivering immense value to advertisers while simultaneously maximizing their ad revenues. What are you waiting for? Contact our team and end of year on a high note!

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