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How to successfully use header bidding on AMP from TCF 2.0? FUTURA media analysis

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After several months of work, the engineers of Opti Digital have developed a solution that combines our Prebid server and Real-Time Configuration (RTC, AMP’s native Header bidding solution). This innovation makes it possible to find on the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) environment the same competition between bidders as on Web inventories and effectively stimulates the CPM rates of Google AdExchange and Open Bidding.

The first results are excellent in all media that have deployed this solution: unsold products are collapsing and the publisher’s net page RPM increases on average by 50%.

We have decided to share with you the impressive results observed in one media we are supporting:

FUTURA media

Founded in 2001 by Guillaume JOSSE, Futura is the media of reference for scientific and technological innovations (top 20 in the French-speaking media, 20 million sessions per month). Structured around 5 environments (science, health, tech, planet, home), Futura offers journalistic content for decryption in various formats (news, files, videos, etc.) to curious Internet users eager to develop their knowledge.

We have been supporting the publisher Futura since the spring of 2019: our advanced technologies, our systematic A / B testing strategy and the precise analysis of media performance have made it possible to optimise the profitability of the media on multiple formats on the site and on the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) environment. 

These unique inventories meet the quality criteria sought by advertisers: the average visibility rate is close to 60% (73% on AMP) and the average click-through rate is 0.55%. 

The deployment of header bidding is one of the latest innovations to date in Futura’s AMP environment. It took place in two stages: connecting the Prebid Server in TCF 1.0, then adding new sales partners after switching to TCF 2.0.

The performance of header bidding on AMP 

Here are the results observed in the AMP environment: 

  • In May 2020, before the implementation of header bidding, when the French had barely come out of lockdown, the unsold rate was high and the eCPM quite low.
  • In July 2020, after the introduction of header bidding, the newly connected selling partners lowered the unsold rate and the eCPM rose.
  • In September 2020, after having connected more programmatic partners in header bidding and carried out numerous optimisations – including the migration to TCF 2.0 – the unsold rate was divided by 2 and the eCPM doubled.
 Unsold rateeCPM inventory
AMP with header biddingDivided by 2.2Multiplied by 2.1
Evolution of the programmatic profitability of the Futura media on AMP


Unsold rate = number of unsold impressions out of the total number of available impressions (sold and unsold)

eCPM inventory = turnover achieved for 1000 available impressions (sold and unsold). This is the key indicator to follow to observe the effects of optimisations because it also includes unsold inventories in the analysis. 

Thus, thanks to the integration of Prebid Server, the publisher made a 210% profitability voucher on the AMP inventory.  

Prebid Server thus generates nearly half of programmatic revenues and opens an efficient path to a qualitative and new environment for advertisers. The advertising spaces of the site are now accessible to brands, in particular via Media Square and Gravity.

Breakdown of revenue generated on AMP by type of request (September 2020)

Results confirmed since the switch to TCF 2.0

Our solution makes it possible to find on AMP the same competition between bidders as on Web inventories and to effectively stimulate the CPMs of Google AdExchange. This same phenomenon is observed when Open Bidding is also present.

We are proud to be able to share with you these excellent results that we see in all the publishers for which we have connected this solution in the AMP environment.

The good performance of our optimised configuration for the AMP environment with Prebid Server has been confirmed since the switch to Transparency and Consent Framework 2.0 from the IAB.

3 tips for a successful integration of header bidding in AMP:

  1. A compatible Consent Management Platform (CMP) 

To make it possible to set up header bidding in the AMP environment, the publisher must select a compatible CMP in order to collect consents for targeted advertising. Among the compatible tools, include Didomi, Sirdata or SFBX.

  1. Measuring the incremental value of each bidder

Several bidders or sales partners are now compatible with the AMP environment and integration via Prebid Server. To ensure rapid display of ads, it is necessary to select those that provide added value by measuring the inventory eCPM and the Page RPM over the same period by deploying this bidder on a test audience sample

  1. Readjusting floor prices

There is no point in keeping floor prices high in this troubled environment. Competition between bidders mechanically drives up CPMs and creates a dynamic floor price. 

Optimising advertising revenue with Opti Digital

At Opti Digital, we mobilise our expertise and our technical solutions to constantly improve the revenues of the media we support. 

Contact us to find out more about our support and test our header bidding solutions on your AMP inventory.

Opti Digital contact:

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Tel: (+33) 6 29 94 49 77

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Futura is the media of reference for scientific and technological innovations (top 20 in the French-speaking media, 20 million sessions per month). We offer our partners varied and innovative communications systems, dedicated to each brand environment.

Contact Futura:

Guillaume JOSSE
Consulting Department
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