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Media Revenue: How To Make The Most Out Of the Sports Season

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Summer 2024 will bring with it more activity in the AdTech industry due to all the sports events taking place. Users will spend more time online than usual, and this increased activity lends itself to monetization opportunities. By riding on this wave and optimizing their websites, publishers of all sizes can make sure to make the most out of this occasion and improve their audience and revenues in Q2 and Q3. In this article, we’ll take a look at some best practices to implement now to improve your ad performance, including our performing technologies which results in +30% net revenue. 

1. Calendar

This summer, annual events such as the Premier League and tennis Grand Slams mark their return. But more importantly, the UEFA European Championship will take place in Germany starting in July, at the same time that Paris will be hosting the Summer Olympic Games! With sports being such a trending topic this summer, it is a given that websites’ audience will increase. It is a good strategy for publishers to focus their writing on sports – whether that be game recaps, athlete profiles, behind the scenes articles, fashion in sports, etc – in order to take advantage of this heightened activity.

Publishers of all sizes, especially in the Sport vertical, need to be ready and equipped with the right tools to make the most out of the opportunity.

2. Enhancing the UX

Digital media publishers pursue two main objectives. On one hand, growing their audience and on the other hand, monetizing this audience through advertising, sales, subscriptions, etc. 

At Opti Digital, we provide solutions to optimize your ad monetization. The Opti All-in-One ad management solution integrates all the essential features to cover your back.

This proven technology offers a straightforward and effective approach by taking care of the entire advertising process. It increases ad revenue by optimizing the quantity and quality of the ads displayed. It automatically inserts ads in the page to make sure that no opportunities are missed, but still respects the ad layouts provided and the publisher’s ad density preferences. Opti All-In-One comes as very light tags (our script weighs 30 Kb) that call the Google Ad Server and may be direct or lazy loaded which overall improves the UX, the ad viewability, the eCPM and the fill rate. Ads may refresh automatically when they are viewable in the active screen so you display more ads per visit and increase your revenue. Also, the brands displayed to your readers are the result of competitive auctions in header bidding, done server-side and client-side, enabling you to get the best brands and the highest possible value for your inventory. Users searching on their mobiles for the latest soccer match replay won’t have their page shifted down while reading due to a slow-loading ad, as our recently re-engineered advertising tags load 3 times faster than any other ad management solution and protects all Core Web Vital scores! 

Try this monetization tool on a few ad units without commitment or use it across all your media.

3. More and Better Ads

According to the BBC, more than 15 million tourists are expected to roam the streets of Paris during the Summer Olympic Games. That’s at least 10 million new mobile users searching for local news and meaning new opportunities for advertisements and for publishers to capitalize off of, just in the geo segment of Paris alone. Make sure premium advertisers are able to reach your ad inventory.  Our new Fat Sticky format is available in 8 sizes for desktop and 6 sizes for mobile. Offering such a variety of sizes means opening up the auctions so fill rate and eCPMs grow. In addition, our Fat Sticky supports video ads! All these points bring in higher profits for publishers. 

Our Opti Yield technology offers a great way to improve the yield with its dynamic price flooring technology. This technology takes a myriad of signals (day, hour, device, placements, browser, etc.) into consideration and predicts in real-time a price for an ad space thanks to Machine Learning. Every ad request has a different price. This flooring information is added up to the ad request and limits bid responses to DSPs who are able to reach the set offer, eliminating low-quality ads and making the whole process more efficient. This AI provides risk-free, smart and stable results. Opti Yield is compatible with display and video ad inventories. When working in videos, we are seeing the technology providing a 30% revenue lift as buyers are ready to pay more. Now imagine this in a summer where millions will want to be watching sports-related content…

Learn more about Opti Yield’s dynamic price flooring.

4. AI-Driven Strategies

Our advanced AI-based solutions are always at work and make sure to maximize the revenue per ad request for our publishers. Consider a news website with ad spaces that are less valuable during late-night hours. During these hours, fewer high-paying advertisers might be actively bidding, and setting a price floor at the same level as daytime hours would result in many unsold impressions. The AI behind our Opti Yield technology takes on a more defensive strategy in this case, and if a user comes to read about the activities of the day and opens up a page with ad spaces, by dynamically lowering the price floor during these times, the website can still attract bids, fill the inventory, and generate revenue. This approach helps maintain a steady stream of income and keeps all ad slots profitable at any time. 

5. Transparency Above All

Opti Digital provides a dashboard that shows which ads are getting more traction and monitors all the revenue made. It focuses on 5 main areas – consent, fill rate, viewability rate, competition, and layout. This intelligent tool is built from the Opti Digital light ad tags  present in a publisher’s website gathered with calculated formulas and intuitive data visualization to demonstrate the important data needed to make strategic decisions. The first view on this reporting platform allows publishers to see the optimized ad revenue, allowing pageviews, eCPM, net revenue and revenue per page to be clearly tracked and crossed with traffic source, country, advertiser, etc. Publishers always have access to their gross and net revenue, with the tool providing full transparency.

6. Attractive Ad Formats

With the growing banner blindness phenomenon, it makes sense to display user-centered ad formats that capture the user’s attention, such as our proprietary Opti Engage carrousel format. This technology offers a unique and attractive ad experience that respects IAB standards, website layout and Core Web Vitals , and improves attention metrics for brands: They observe high viewability rate and level of  attention due to the fact that we only trigger the sliding animation when our format is in the user’s viewport. This innovative ad format makes for a powerful tool to have in your armament. 

Learn more about this enticing ad format here: Opti Engage: 3 reasons to adopt this new ad format

7. Takeaways for the sports’ season

With so many different tools to take advantage of, publishers must adapt and capitalize on this sporty summer opportunity. With the help of Opti Digital, publishers can make the most out of their ad inventory, optimize their website experience, and increase their ad revenue with minimal integration efforts. 

Start a test now! Get in touch with us and we’ll send you the tags!

PS: In addition to helping our publishers be prepared for the upcoming activities, we here at Opti Digital will also be spectators at these thrilling events! You could even say that we have already started warming up with our very own Green Challenge! Did you know that an average soccer player covers between 8-13 kilometers in one match? That would equal about 300 kms of litter cleaned up in our Green Challenge.

Learn more about out Green Challenge and how we try to minimize the impact we have on the environment!

Be sure to contact us if you are interested in implementing Opti Digital’s technologies so that you are ready to take advantage of this upcoming high-traffic summer!

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