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Opti Engage: 3 reasons to adopt this new ad format

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Since 2018, Opti Digital has been dedicated to assisting publishers in optimizing their advertising inventory in light of the changes occurring in the media publishing industry, influenced by recent economic, social, and geopolitical developments. In response to these challenges, Opti Digital has developed an engaging ad format. In this article, we’ll look at the opportunities provided by Opti Engage, and explore how online media publishers can leverage this advertising format to drive sustainable revenue growth.

1 – Provide a unique ad experience to your users

Launched at the dawn of 2023, Opti Engage presents a unique proposition by prominently displaying multiple advertiser creatives within a dynamic carousel. This engaging ad format tackles a growing concern: audience fatigue arising from the sheer volume of advertisements on websites, a phenomenon that can lead to what we call “banner blindness.”

Similar to video content, Opti Engage offers an attention-grabbing format with the following advantages:

  • Users are not subjected to the same advertisement for an extended duration.
  • The animated elements effectively capture the user’s attention, minimizing ad blindness
  • The sliding effect fosters a sense of interaction with the ad, ultimately resulting in a higher click-through rate.

Read our white paper to find out more about combining UX and monetization.

The flexibility and efficacy of carousel ads make them a valuable asset for publishers seeking sources of incremental revenue while simultaneously increasing their attention metrics.

Engaging ad format
Opti Engage demo

2 – Improve the performance of your site

This product has been developed not only to meet the high expectations of users in terms of user experience and interactivity, but also taking into account the increasingly important factors of page speed and sustainable technologies, both of which are ultimately linked. Indeed, this ultimate display experience is the result of server-side auctions run by Opti Digital, with a sustainable approach.

Our traffic shaping algorithms reduce wasted bid requests by calling SSPs only when they are relevant, based on various criteria such as browser, geo, consent string, etc. from historical bid responses. This not only reduces the media carbon footprint (fewer bid requests sent to buyers “for nothing”) but also reduces the infrastructure costs, which benefits the entire programmatic chain. We also work with Google Cloud’s carbon-free data centers, which are 1.5 times more energy-efficient than a standard enterprise data center.

Regarding page latency, the calls to demand partners (SSPs and DSPs) are made server-to-server, so the time taken to generate, transmit, receive and process bid requests doesn’t depend on the user’s browser locally (as with prebid.js). These operations are operated remotely, from Opti Digital servers to SSP/DSP servers. What’s more, at Opti Digital, our infrastructure is constantly optimized to reduce response times (servers in every region of the world, request optimization, etc.).

3 – Unlock additional revenue streams

By pooling demand from multiple sources into a single impression Opti Engage manages to have an effective programmatic selling process that translates into higher bid rates and bid prices and ultimately improved monetization results. By using alternative identifiers (user IDs) to enrich the demand, the Opti Engage ad format also contributes to improving publishers monetization on cookieless environments such as Safari and Firefox browsers. Media publishers get a similar monetization across all Internet browsers. Equally, brands observe high viewability rate and user attention. The reason for this is that we only trigger the sliding animation when our format is in the user’s viewport.

Supporting the most common IAB standards ad sizes on mobile and desktop across various media types such as display, native, and video and with a high viewability rate, this format has proven its effectiveness on the 1,700 media which have plugged it in. For most of them, Opti Engage ranks among the Top 3 SSPs on Prebid. Average revenue lift: from +7% to +10% in RPM.

Available as a standard Prebid bidder adapter and as a tag, with an intuitive interface and capacity to enhance value for both publishers and channel partners, Opti Engage is steadily establishing itself as a benchmark within the programmatic realm. To find out more, or to integrate it directly into your media, contact our team.

In this article